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Created on January 20th 2007

With thanks to C for compiling these instructions.
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1. Log-on to the Cook-e-licious blog using your registered login. Remember the user login is case sensitive! To post a recipe, click on Dashboard.

Step 1

2. This will display the WordPress dashboard. Click on Write from the options right underneath the Cook-e-licious banner.

Step 2

3. Post a title for your recipe, and the recipe in the Post textbox. There are some basic formatting tools which can be used as part of your recipe. Don’t forget to select a Category for your recipe too! (You can select more than 1 category too).

Step 3

4. If you wish to post a picture of the dish (otherwise, skip to Step 6), you’ll need to upload it first before it can be used. In the Upload tab beneath the Post textbox, enter the location of the photo you wish to upload. Click on the Upload button.

Step 4 Step 4 part 2

The file has now been uploaded to the blog, but it is not yet a part of the recipe.

5. To include it as part of the recipe, position the cursor in the Post box, to a position where you wish the picture to appear. Then left click on the picture within the Upload tab, a list box will be displayed. In the first line item, change the setting from Using Thumbnail to using Using Original by clicking on it. Once you are done, click on Send to Editor. This will send the picture to the position you indicated in the post box.

Step 5

6. To post the recipe, click on the Save button. This will send the recipe to the editors of the blog, who will publish the recipe for you.

Step 6

If you are not ready to submit your recipe, but wish to save it and return later.. before clicking Save scroll down to ‘Post Status’ and change the option from ‘Draft’ to ‘Private’. The editors wont publish your recipe while the post has ‘Private’ status.

post status

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